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Welcome to Visage Facial, Glasgow’s award winning facial aesthetics clinic.

Visage offers some of the most effective facial aesthetic and cosmetic treatments available today, all in the comfort of our luxury clinic in the heart of Glasgow. Every treatment is carried out by our highly experienced practitioners using the latest technology and techniques.

Book an appointment today to feel refreshed and rejuvenated! Alternatively, get in touch to find out more about the therapies we can offer at our luxury clinic.

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I have had appointments with Eileen and Fiona and find both these ladies to be very professional in their level of service. I feel they offer best advice without compromising their integrity by promoting products only to make a sale. I have already promoted your practice to my daughter who now attends.

N.O, Edinburgh

Very friendly and welcoming staff. Lovely clean and fresh environment also. Felt very confident in my treatment being carried out by Melissa also as she clearly explained the whole process and made me feel very comfortable.

R.B, East Kilbride

I love coming to visage, not just for the professionalism of the staff, but also the one to one you have with each member of the team, they make you feel relaxed and at ease from the first moment you walk through the door. And with my surgeon Eileen, it’s more than just a doctor patient relationship I have with her, she is more of a big sister to me, she listens to my problems gives good advice, we laugh and joke, I really enjoy going to visage, for all off the above, but the service and work that gets carried out here is second to none, and I would never go anywhere else, I would highly recommend visage to anyone that’s thinking of getting something done for the first time.

A.L, Glasgow

I recently got my lips filled by Eileen at Visage and I am thrilled at how my lips have turned out. Eileen is fantastic and highly skilled and she made me feel so relaxed and at ease that I didn’t want to leave! Would highly recommend her to anyone and will definitely be going back to Eileen if and when I need a top up for my lips!

R.B, East Kilbride

I have been to Visage a few times for Microdermabrasion facials from Melissa Marshall.  My skin felt & looked great afterwards, Melissa is brilliant too, explained it all to me & made me feel at ease.

Would highly recommend Visage, exceptional service & products.

J.G, Glasgow

The reception staff were a perfect mix of professional and friendly. The building itself is spotlessly clean and a very calming environment. Melissa was a joy to meet and made my treatment (which may be a little uncomfortable for some) a pleasant experience. I was never in doubt of her competency and feel she is a credit to your company.

N.O, Edinburgh


  • review rating 5  Professional and friendly staff, very clean and modern dental care center, highly recommended for health care.

    thumb Hani OT
  • review rating 5  Can't recommend Melissa enough for a microdermabrasion. Lovely staff, very professional, will be back 🙂

    thumb David Frew
  • review rating 1  Today I called visage to purchase teeth whitening syringes. I have previously purchased them over the phone without any issues however, today I was told I must pay £55 for a dental check up. Why must this be required when I visit my own dentist every 6 months ? I paid £500 to have my teeth whitened in visage and at the time I was told syringes can be bought when required. Very poor service.

    thumb stephanie murphy
  • review rating 5  I'm over the moon, My first experience with the filler and feels great many many thanks to Eileen. She is amazing lovely make me feel comfort and relax, she listens to my problems gives good advice, And fantastic and highly skilled. I would highly recommend visage to anyone that's thinking of getting something done for the first time. I also have Microdermabrasion treatment as a special offer for may, by Melissa is brilliant too, explained it all to me & made me feel at ease. exceptional service, Very friendly and welcoming staff, Lovely clean and fresh environment also, The service that visage provide is first class. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

    thumb Hind. H
  • review rating 5  Melissa has been so good with me when getting my microdermabrasion treatments. She's very careful, gives great advice, makes people feel welcome and she's totally professional.

    thumb Shaun Hodge
  • review rating 1  [FOR THE COMPLETE REVIEW & IMAGES - SEE MY YELP VISAGE REVIEW] As a close childhood friends of the Dentists brother, this is not an easy review to write. However, poor customer service should not go ignored. For dental work I would not recommend Visage. From start to finish I had a terrible time with the clinic from their appointment to appointment contradictions, their strong push to usher me along to their regular mistakes during my treatment with no accountability - it was an exhausting experience. Firstly, if you have any anxiety about dental work Visage definitely isn’t the place for you. Visage had a kid who was being vetted for work experience sit in on my appointments. They never introduced us during or gave me an opportunity to decline beforehand. He would just sit in corner with his casual clothes and backpack feeling just as uncomfortable as me. They also had someone else sit in on a surgical procedure I had done without ever asking my consent. Work experience is essential, but even the NHS ask beforehand. Nonetheless I was willing to overlook this and their many other blunders during the early stages of my treatment (such as being told one month I owed no money and during my next appointment being told I was in debt). During this time, I also had surgery done on the NHS and the customer service, efficiency and expertise I got for free was FAR better than anything I ever experienced at Visage. Every step of the way the NHS informed me of what would happen and what to expect – I didn’t get that at Visage. The morning I got my braces fitted I paid Visage £3,000 but literally five minutes after leaving Visage the brackets began to fall off. The orthodontist told me it was because my teeth were too crooked, but I felt he should have just been more thorough. A feeling I regularly had. I also felt a strong push by the clinic to have my braces removed very early on. 4 or so appointments into my treatment I felt the orthodontist lost interest, he would just tell me they are coming off & schedule the time to remove them with receptionist (this happened multiple times and not once did he ever ask my opinion). To the orthodontist’s obvious irritation, I therefore found myself having to constantly reiterate my concerns in the hope they would actually be addressed, concerns that during our initial consultations he most definitely said he could & would fix. The only time there was no resistance and I didn’t have to profusely justify keeping them on was when he was travelling – I started having to time my appointments around his holidays so I could keep my braces on a few months extra here and there – while using the time to consult other clinics for treatment and guidance. When I had my initial consultations with Visage the comments were, “Yes, I can fix that”, “Yes, I will be able to align that tooth”, so I was shocked when 4 or so meetings in, it was a very different tone. With comments like “Well this lower tooth is misshaped”, “this side tooth is deformed”, “well you’re going to have to accept that tooth”, “this tooth might be restricted by your jawbone but there is no point in doing an X-Ray for one tooth”, “well - they are definitely straighter”, “we shouldn’t strive for perfection” … On one occasion the orthodontist apparently couldn’t understand the issue I was trying to explain to him despite, literally, in the prior months appointment he did (during the initial consultation he even explicitly said it was something he could fix also). At times it all felt very humiliating. I never once felt that I got a customer service or attention to detail that merited a fraction of the price tag, instead just a lot of talk and empty words with a strong push to usher me along. It took a tremendous amount of encouragement for me to motivate the clinic to make the changes and adjustments originally agreed, even just to keep the braces on was an appointment to appointment struggle. [FOR THE COMPLETE REVIEW & IMAGES - SEE MY YELP VISAGE REVIEW]

    thumb Tsto Account
  • review rating 5  Phoned in to see if I was able to see a Hygienist for a clean as I've been in Glasgow on business for the laat 3 months and was unable to see my regular Hygienist all the way down in Southampton due to the distance. I was able to be booked in the next day, this was the first pleasant surprise ( the quick booking). The entire experience was really good came 15 mins early filled in a few forms and was seen by 2 fantastic Dental Hygienist, It's the best experience I've had with a Hygienist in terms of comfort. And the best clean I've ever had. I relapsed and stared smoking cigarettes a few months after after stopping for 5 years the stress of starting a new business and moving to the other side of the UK took its toll on me. Thankfully I've stopped again and I have to say the job they done on me was amazing! removed all my smokers stains and build-up really well, it looks like I've had my teeth whitened rather than a clean that's how good of a job it was IMHO. Couldn't recommend Visage dental care more very professional quick and high standard service. You won't be disappointed.

    thumb Mohammed Ibrahim A Jama
  • review rating 5  The staff are friendly and professional and from the first moment you walk in you feel that you are part of the Visage family and you know you're in safe hands. I would not hesitate in recommending them to any one.

    thumb Colin Shearer

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