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Emax Porcelain Dental Crowns are the closest material to natural enamel, and allows us to create beautiful, life-like porcelain inlay fillings in a single visit.

Where teeth have large broken down fillings, a crown can protect and preserve the remaining natural tooth. Following root canal therapy, a crown is typically placed over the remaining tooth structure to preserve aesthetic and tooth function.

Crowns address aesthetic needs, restore tooth function, and enhance the overall health of your mouth.

At the first appointment the teeth are prepared for the crowns and an impression is taken. This impression is then sent to a lab where each Emax Porcelain Crown is custom made to the dentist’s specifications and beautiful temporaries are fabricated to simulate your new smile: expect to leave the first appointment looking better than when you came in. At the second appointment the veneers are permanently adhered to the natural teeth.

Dental Crowns can last for years if you take good care of them! With good oral hygiene and maintenance, you can expect a strong, beautiful and lifelike result that is virtually indistinguishable from the original tooth.

No. A local anaesthetic is used and the preparation should feel no different from a filling. If the tooth does not have a nerve, and a post crown is being prepared, then a local anaesthetic may not be needed.

Looks  You can improve the colour and the shape of the tooth or teeth with crowns.

Protection. They provide the best possible protection to a heavily broken down tooth.

Long lasting. Studies have shown that crowns last longer than any other type of dental restoration including all types of filling and implants.

Dental Crowns at Visage Glasgow start at £650. The full cost of treatment depends on your dental requirements and should be discussed with your treatment coordinator. You can achieve the smile you want with on Dental Finance! (terms and conditions apply, subject to credit check, figures are subject to the full cost of treatment plan).